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On May 16, 1947
The Public Construction Bureau underwent a provincial government reform and was renamed as the Highway Bureau of Taiwan Province and put under the jurisdiction of the Construction Bureau of the provincial government. The Public Construction Bureau was ordered to dismiss and the highway construction unit under its supervision was integrated into the Highway Bureau controlled by the Ministry of Transportatio¬n and Communications (MOTC) of the provincial government.
After the integration of the Highway Construction Department into the Highway Bureau and the supervision of road maintenance are hand over to the Highway Bureau of Taiwan Province, the Department of Public Works was established. Organization of road maintenance still adopts the system of section devision according to districts. The First District was established then in Taipei, the Second District in Taichung, the Third Distirct in Chau-chou, the Fouth District in Su-Ao, at this point the Departments officially established.
Since the establishment on October 1949
Three public work divisions are formed under the Department and set up independently in I-Lan, Nan-Ao, and Shin-Cheng. On July 1980, the Department was reorganized into five public work divisions and each located seperately in Tou-Cheng, Nan-Ao, Hualien, Luo-Saw, and DuLi Mountain.
On July 1, 1989
The additional sixth public work division was formed dued to the demand of commerce. In coordination with the business function and the organization adjustment of the Taiwan provincial government, our department, along with the Highway Bureau, were reorganized into the MOTC.
Also to integrate with the policy of the organization adjustment, the position of the director in the department was revised from concurrent to exclusive. Numbers of staff members are kept at five hundred and twenty-eight as before, and the titles are changed from workers to officials for certain qualified members.
Looking to the past and the present
Our staff members hold great responsibilities and feel the need to inherit the wisdom and willpower from the people of the past to carry on and open new ways for the future.
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