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Introduction of Director

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Director LI, SUN-CHUNG
  • B.A. in Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • M.A. in Department of Transportation Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology
Chief,,Deputy Director, Director
Director LI, SUN-CHUNG
Fourth District Maintenance Construction Office, Directorate General of Highways, MOTC has been established for over 60 years

It supervises the highway constructions in both I-Lan and Hualien Counties.Road project Staff approximately 248 people.This place service minute Newlabor project With Maintenance project ,Maintains the course 757.21 kilometers, because east the position, constrained by factors and so on geography geology, humanities environment, industrial economy, the project is difficult.The good fortune depends the colleagues to grasp the older generations to do pioneering work despite great hardships the spirit, cooperates fully, the side can complete task of the higher authority payment.

The highway construction is the basis of our countrys economy

Whether or not its network and the construction are secure has great effects on both the societys economy and the living of citizens. The government allocates enormous amount of expenditures annually on building, expanding, and maintaining roads in hoping to achive the goal of fluent circulation of goods, in order to provide easy travel access to people and lower the cost of the society as a whole. The objective of our construction policy is quality, efficiency, and safety.

We will maintain the spirit of enthusiasm and faith to the people

At the threshold of the E era, Fourth District Maintenance Construction Office will maintain the spirit of enthusiasm and faith to the people. By combining with the new technology nowadays, we are working hard together and striving to provide to the people the convenient and safe ways to travel.

Visitors: 1167 Update Date: 108-07-01 Maintenance Unit: Personnel Office, Fourth Maintenance Office